Why buy a product with a Twin?


Twins further enhance great products!

Authenticity & Ownership

Validate and prove authenticity and your ownership of the product anytime to anyone, anywhere.

Single point of information

Stop collecting papers but have your product's data & manuals always with you. Connect to the brand with 1-click.

(Virtual) sharing is caring

Let your friends know what you want to share, rent or resell. Show your products on Social Media & Metaverse.

Digital & Voice assistants

Access your product via voice assistants and check its properties. Connect to  smart services and receive alerts etc.

Personalization & automization

Get a personalized digital product experience from products that directly interoperate with your Twin.

Resell with trust and low-fees

Sell your valuable product with Twin-secured trust across major NFT-marketplaces (OpenSea...) at low fees.

Note: Twins might come with some or all of the following benefits.