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Circularity-as-a-Service: Circular Hub.

Twinu builds the digital infrastructure for a circular economy. We enable brands to measure and improve the circularity of their products through our AI/DLT-based implementation of Digital Product Passports, take-back systems and more. We help to prioritize and implement impactful R-strategies and to create value from circular business models.

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Circular economy

Close the loop of circularity

Twinu enables brands to keep a link to their products along the entire product-life-cycle, from production to end-of-life.

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Customer engagement

Connect with customers

Twinu enables brands to engage directly with their customers and offer new digital product benefits and services around circularity.

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Case studies

Twinu improves customer engagement and circular economy along the product lifecycle.
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Vitra Furniture

Twinu is supporting Vitra's efforts to extend the lifecycle of their products through the Circular Pass.

Deutsche Telekom/ T-Mobile US

Twinu developed a Circular Pass solution for mobile devices and won the "most sustainable solution" award.


Innovation beyond compliance

Our Circular Pass enables use cases beyond regulation by leveraging a unique set of technologies.

Comply with CEAP

Digital Product Passports are digital twins with origin, production and lifecycle information as requested by upcoming EU regulations.

Semantic AI

Semantic data offers a common language for describing details and information of a product, enabling verifiable AI.

Decentralised ledger

Blockchain technology ensures interoperability as well as persistence of the Circular Pass through the E2E product lifecycle.

Privacy enabled

Not all information is meant to be public. Decide what data is private and assign rights to read or edit the Circular Pass.


Choose your plan

Start working with our platform today or request a custom demo to learn about all tools & use cases.

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Free claiming
Paid transfers
Theme personalisation
Circular KPI dashboard
SMS authentication for customers
Private product data
Batch products import
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Meet the Makers

The core team

We are experts with a proven track record in digitalization, from products to transforming entire organizations. With many years of working on digital topics (digital twin, blockchain, AI) in consulting and tech, we know how to identify brand-specific use-cases and create impact.

Christian Adler

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Alexis Gamboa

Co-Founder, R&D
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Why we do what we do

Our values


We have the courage to pursue the impossible and take accountability to deliver what we promise. We measure our success by the impact we create for our customers.


As agile experts we knowhow lack of transparencyand collaboration can beharmful to ideas andorganizations. Weencourage a culture oftransparency, collaborationand openness.


We believe in the diversity of background, experience, expertise, thought and ideas. Only by tapping the full spectrum of people, innovation for everyone can happen.


We are changing the status quo, disrupting how things are done. Only by permanently questioning the status quo and trying new things, we can improve and grow.

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