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👉 We released our Alexa skill and IFTTT integration. Add voice and IoT interoperability to you products!
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Circular economy

Close the loop of circularity

Twinu enables brands to keep a link to their products along the entire product-life-cycle.

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Customer engagement

Connect with customers

Twinu enables brands to engage directly with their customers and offer new digital product experiences.

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Case studies

See how Twinu improves customer engagement and circular economy along the product lifecycle.

NFT Frames by Future Frames

NFT marketplace promotion, proof of authenticity & ownership, increased cust. engagement & personalization, virtual NFT Frame gallery.

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OnaTaet Second Hand Fashion

Extending reach into new communities, launching virtual Twin NFT showroom, enabling crypto purchases, extending product lifecycles & 2nd-hand trade-in.

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See virtual showroom


NFC-linked Twins for phys. giveaways used for proof of attendance and community engagement at event with Technical University Munich incubator.

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Benefits for users ...


Prove and verify authenticity & ownership online​.

Getting Started

Make your products  interoperable and smart.

IFTTT integration
Voice connect

Ask voice assistants about product properties.

Alexa Skill
Buy & sell

Trade products via NFT and crypto currency.


Benefits for brands ...

Product circularity

Drive circularity by transparent end-to-end product lifecycles.

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Customer connect

Establish a link to customers for loyalty & benefit programs.

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2nd sales market

Build and participate actively in second sales markets.

Virtual & Metaverse

Add a virtual representation to your products (e.g. showroom).

Virtual showroom
What we offer

We onboard you into circularity with web3

EXPERTISE & Use cases

Twinu creates individual solutions maximising brands’ customer centricity and product circularity along the entire lifecycle.​ To start the journey we run joint workshops to onboard you and to identify the right use-cases along your value chain.

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services & tools

Twinu provides services & tools to directly connect brands with their products and customers using digital twin & NFT technology. ​All created Twins and smart contracts belong to the brand, no lock-ins!

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About us

30+ years
Public & angel investment
Meet the Makers

The core team

We are web 2/3 experts with a proven track record in digitalization, from products to transforming entire organizations. With many years of working on digital topics (digital twin, blockchain, AI) in consulting and tech, we know how to identify brand-specific use-cases and create impact.

Christian Adler

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Dr. Plamen Petrov

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Alexis Gamboa

Co-Founder, R&D
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Chief Well-being Officer
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Why we do what we do

Our values


We are changing the status quo, disrupting how things are done. Only by permanently questioning the status quo and trying new things, we can improve and grow.


We have the courage to pursue the impossible and take accountability to deliver what we promise. We measure our success by the impact we create for our users.


We believe in the diversity of background, experience, expertise, thought and ideas. Only by tapping the full spectrum of people, innovation for everyone can happen.

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